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At Boleum we manage and reduce operating risk for our clients in the oil industry by establishing an excellent standard of scheduled/preventive maintenance across all processes, from production to distribution. Fundamental to these maintenance requirements are the complex and expensive tanks of fuel storage, cleaning, sludge removal, tank degassing, recalibration etc. Dislodging and Repair: Scheduled cleaning, dislodging and repair of crude oil tanks and water tanks. Also, conducting preventive maintenance for all tanks.

Tank Cleaning Operations

  • Degassing of tanks
  • Testing of oxygen levels
  • Washing with industrial chemicals
  • Checks for leaks and repairs
  • Pumping and sludges
  • Hydro-pressure test
  • NDT/DP test
  • Visual inspection for leaks
  • Calibrations of tanks
  • Issuing of certificates
  • Sand sweeping of the exteriors of all tanks
  • Painting of the zinc primer
  • Painting of the intermediate
  • Painting of the top coat using international polyurethane paint

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