Our experience ensures that your projects will be done right and with the upmost professionalism.

We Offer The Best Maritime Equipment To Contractors & Maritime Companies

We carry on all or any of the businesses of shippers and ship-owners, ship and boat-builders, charterers, ship managers. We charter, sub-charter, take on charter or sub-charter, hire, purchase and work ships and other vessels of any class, motor vehicles or aircraft and to establish and maintain lines or regular services of ships or other vessels, and to enter into contracts for the carriage of crude, passengers, goods and live-stock by any means.
We offer detailed electrical diagnostic maintenance and modifications of marine vessels and dredgers

Export & Marine Operations

  • Providing marine consultancy for Export Operations and Marine Operations Services to third parties as and when required.
  • Transporting crude from the producing assets to the customers.
  • Facilitating the movements of shipping associated with the export of Crude
  • Mooring / Unmooring operations.
  • Providing marine consultancy for Export Operations and Marine Operations Services to third parties as and when required.
  • Carrying out marine fire fighting for any tankers, as well as oil terminal fire incidents, and being prepared for any search and rescue operations.
  • Transferring and transporting of staff and equipment to / from export facilities and sea terminals.
  • Diagnostic maintenance
  • Providing marine technical consultation for any new expansion of export terminals, facilities, tugs, Security boat, crafts and other marine related issues.

Marine Technical Services we provide

  • Ship Repairs
  • Hull Repairs
  • Steel Thickness Gauging
  • Generator Repairs and Overhaul
  • Electrical Works
  • Oil Pipelines Valve Repairs and Testing
  • Cargo and Any Kind of Pump Repairs
  • Repairs on Boilers
  • Lifting Equipments
  • Main Engines Repairs
  • Turbo Chargers Repairs
  • Painting Supervision
  • Inert Gas Repairs
  • Specialist Engineering
  • Air Conditioning (HVAC)
  • Manpower Requirements and
  • Repairs to Mooring Systems
  • Sand Blasting Supervision
  • Special Coating Application
  • General Engineering Repairs
  • Repairs to Hatch Covers
  • Cleaning of Cargo Holds

Boleum together with her partners is prospecting to provide marine oil spill combating operations for Nigeria and West Africa.We purchase or otherwise acquire, take in exchange, charter, hire, build, construct, repair, own, work, manage, operate and otherwise deal with any ship, boat, barge or other waterborne vessel, hovercraft, balloon, aircraft, helicopter or other flying machine, coach, wagon, carriage (however powered) or other vehicle, or any share or interest therein.

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