Our experience ensures that your projects will be done right and with the upmost professionalism.

We Offer The Best Engineering Services, Equipment To Contractors & Engineering Companies

Whether we are responding to a reactive breakdown, planning an equipment change out, managing structural design, a subsea lift or crane fatigue analysis we have the capability and experience to deliver valuable solutions.
When you have a technical challenge to solve, we can support you to find an innovative and efficient solution.

Our engineering expertise is strong across a wide range disciplines, including:

  • Structural
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Hydraulic
  • Integrity and reliability
  • Automation and control (PLC).

At Boleum Energy & Technology Limited we carry on and execute in any part of the world the business of mechanical, electrical, Automation, Instrumentation, hydraulic, chemical and civil engineering. We provide consulting engineers in all fields including without limitation civil, mechanical, chemical, structural, marine, mining, industrial, mechanical, Automation, Instrumentation, Welding,
aeronautical, electronic and electrical engineering, and to provide architectural, design and other consultancy services of all kinds

Our design team provide a range of services:

  • Mechanical, structural, hydraulic and electrical design
  • Technical consulting, working directly with clients to resolve issue FEED studies (covering complete asset mechanical handling work scopes)
  • Full detailed designs (packages including analysis reports and full product drawings)
  • Structural integrity analysis of existing machinery in changing circumstances (e.g. damage analysis such as corrosion or cracking, failure investigations and fatigue studies)
  • Life extension assessments
  • Modifying and upgrading equipment
  • Lifting plan preparation or third-party review and endorsement

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Our engineering capability allows us to perform a wide variety of work scopes including:

  • Project management
  • Lift planning and support
  • Crane and mechanical handling design, specification, upgrade and manufacture
  • Cable and pipe lay system design, specification and manufacture
  • Platform late-life studies and decommissioning support
  • Structural and finite element analysis
  • Fatigue and design-life review
  • Failure modes and effects criticality analysis (FMECA) and integrity services
  • Automation and control (PLC) system design, upgrade and maintenance
  • Hydraulic system and equipment design, upgrade, manufacture and maintenance.

Our expectise in engineering covers many asset types including:

  • Fixed production platforms
  • FPSO’s
  • Drilling rigs (all types including jack-ups, semi-submersibles and drill ships)
  • Marine vessels (all types including cable and pipe lay, dive support, construction support and heavy lift vessels)
  • Onshore refineries and processing plants

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