A website that isn’t updated regularly will eventually lose traffic. Like other companies, our website design services do not end at development. BOLEUM ENERGY & TECHNOLOGY LIMITED provides reliable maintenance and support services after your applications are delivered and running. Customers and businesses depend on us to provide regular:

  • → Website Updates
  • → Troubleshooting
  • → Software Product Support and Maintenance

BOLEUM ENERGY & TECHNOLOGY LIMITED  understands your company’s needs and uses cost effective support and maintenance services in website design and development strategies. A strong management team, technical knowledge and our commitment to uphold industry standards allows businesses the chance to focus on revenue generating operations by outsourcing the maintenance of their websites and software to us.

Our Software Maintenance Methodology

We follow a well-defined and scalable maintenance process, and consistently promote preventive maintenance best practices at our customer sites so that their software demands minimum maintenance. Therefore, we strongly advocate the following to our client organizations to minimize scope for large scale system errors and corrective action:

  • → Rigorous documentation and processes at the software development stage
  • → Knowledge sharing on enterprise applications
  • → Transparent development methodologies
  • → Knowledge repositories on enterprise applications
  • → Streamlined ongoing preventive maintenance efforts

Our customers are assigned captive teams with dedicated project heads and team leads to design and deploy complete software maintenance strategies and provide ongoing support. Our dedicated software maintenance and support teams log and track service requests 24×7, and offer round-the-clock troubleshooting and real-time resolution of all problem areas. We ensures that our services optimize application performance and bring down your TCO (total cost of ownership) on software.

Customers can also benefit from our services in the following ways:

  • → Integrate applications with newer technologies
  • → Focus on preventive maintenance
  • → Migrate applications to new and emerging technologies
  • → Enhances stability
  • → Improve efficiency of their mission-critical applications
  • → Focus on new product development and core functions
  • → Reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • → Focus on new product conceptualization and core competencies with Flatworld taking care of your application maintenance tasks

Our software maintenance and support services ensure efficient project management and minimal software downtime. You can choose from our palette of services what best suits your requirements in terms of levels of support, pricing and project delivery options, and be assured of an efficient and hassle-free engagement.We also provide consistent and reliable SAP Support Services.

Mobile Application Development and Software Maintenance

Our expertise also lies in incorporating regular support services in Android and iOS app development processes. This includes ensuring performance enhancements and consistent operational support that maintains the quality of the product throughout the course of engagement. Our mobile application development troubleshooting and support includes:

  • → Bug Fixing
  • → Implementation of new features and enhancements
  • → Content Update
  • → System Reengineering
  • → Code Refactoring
  • → Performance Tuning

Website Maintenance, Support & Development

Website maintenance can be as simple as a minor website updates, changing text or changing images a web page, and right up to more comprehensive website maintenance such as new pages or new functionality for your website. We deliver your updates and whole project on time, on budget and with exceptional customer service. Our mission is to give the best quality products and services.

Your website is a great tool for keeping customers informed about the latest changes in your business. It’s important to make sure what visitors are always greeted with latest and accurate information.

Text content on your website should be accurate, free of spelling or grammatical errors and reflect the critical current knowledge points related to your products, services and your business. In some of the cases outdated text might result in negative manner. You may even notify us, about till how many days the information is to be published, and the outdated information removed on time. You may post request to update a maintained website information on any point of time.

The Super Simple Software Website maintenance is smart service. The service that goes much beyond “you say do and we follow”. You may expect proper consultancy while updating any information on web
E.g. Images can be great for marketing products and services to your websites visitors, so you must ensure that the images that appear on your website are current and relevant. If image content on your website is out of date, you should take some time to review your websites images. Our maintenance services include:

  • → Bug Fixing
  • → Implementation of new features and enhancements
  • → Content Update
  • → Re-design existing websites
  • → Code Refactoring
  • → Performance Tuning
  • → Website maintenance services
  • → Content maintenance services

Revitalize your software infrastructure and prepare it for your future business future challenges by outsourcing your software maintenance and support services to BOLEUM ENERGY & TECHNOLOGY LIMITED Solutions. Get in touch with us, today with your maintenance requirements!

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